1981 is the year i came here. I was born at the Spanish Town Hospital, in the parish of St.Catherine, Jamaica.

I came right after the People’s National Party (PNP) had lost the national election to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

1981 marked the end of Jamaica’s experiment with self-determination and the beginning of the second wave of colonialism.

In a way i emerged at some kind of half way point in time and i decided to make some notes here about how life has been playing out in Jamaica since 1981.

Whenever i have an idea about something i have seen, thought about or done some research around i make a post here. The posts are written so that you can make your own meaning from the ideas, thoughts and observations which i raise. 

 Post can be interpreted in many ways. There is space for to develop your own overstanding of the content in the post.

When reading a post use the featured image, the post title, as well as the content links to read the post fully.

For more engagement around the ideas you can leave a comment which i or other people reading the post will respond to.

if there are other ways that you use this space please feel free to share with me.

For question email me at djafifa@gmail.com

I hope this is useful bless and love.

afifa aza jan 2017 ( Gregorian time)


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