Artifacts and Meter Objects

on on off off
on on off off
off off
off off


On off on off
On Off On Off

First Thoughts

There are many symbols around us. Not only in nature. I was about to drive through the gate when i noticed the collection of these things near the car. I don’t know what the Jamaica Public Service-JPSco (the main provider of electricity in Jamaica) calls them but they are always on meters.(I am calling them meter objects) As i picked up a few i began to study them. The difference in colours appealed to me first. All the meters in the yard  had green one on them. When the green one is on your meter you are connected. When the red one is on your meter you have been disconnected.

Everyday we create art. Not only individuals but organizations. Art is- Artifacts that are every present symbols in our lives.  Organizations are creating experiences and symbols which can cause us to think about the state/nature of our lives. In this example JPSCo can reinforce ideas of different states through their meter objects. For example; Success/Failure, Responsible/Irresponsible, Poor/Rich, Struggling/accomplished, free/enslaved, anxiety/comfort, unsafe/safe, fear/security

Electricity Meter
Electricity Meter



Artifacts impose order and control life

I also thought about how these artifacts reinforce a certain order in your(my) life. The idea of paying your bill on time to avoid coming home to no electricity but also wanting to avoid the embarrassment of the public presence of  red meter object. On time is equivalent to the due date established by JPSCo.

The meter objects remind us that the world that we live in(these parts of it)are not controlled by us.

Meter objects and Babylon?

Has your light ever been disconnected before?

How do you feel when you think about the idea of connected and disconnected when you look at the meter objects?




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