… the Girl who interrupted

UWI Mona Guild Presents a Forum entitled:

“Youth At The Helm: A New Paradigm of Leadership”

 Nov.19th beginning at 3PM

Location: Undercroft

The girl : We’ll take the next set of questions from the audience.

Me: Yes. Thank you. I have two questions none of which are related to the issues you just raised on marijuana and the Caribbean Court of Justice. Yes…my questions is specifically for the guild president and all four panelist answer the others please.

For the president of the guild. What are activities are you supporting to encourage more women in leadership on campus? And for all the panelist could you tell me why it would be important to to have women sitting at the table with you discussing issues as leaders?

The girl: Okay we will just take two responses. The guild president will answer one and we will take two others for the second question.

Me: excuse me. The second question is for everyone.

The girl: No we are only taking two responses.

Me: but why was that when other persons asked they could get a response from the entire panel.

Girl: Yes because it is in the interest of time

Me: In the interest of time i don’t understand…Okay.




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