jamaica is a strange small place

A strange thing happened yesterday. Not the strangest thing ever but something really strange. Yesterday was Monday, well that is if you are reading this today. Today is Tuesday.

On Sunday morning as I was scrolling through the the Jamaica Observer News app, i came across a story that on Saturday a woman who was 9 months pregnant was raped by 3 men in Spanish Town., St.Catherine.

I paused for a moment. I wasn’t shocked, i wasn’t surprised, by now these things are not shocking, the extreme and intensity of violence and brutality in Jamaica is not shocking any more. Just sad and in need of new words to express the emotions. it feels strange and stranger where i live, this world feels strange to me.

Last year a woman who was 8 months pregnant was shot in the head by police in St.Thomas, a few months ago a woman was beheaded in Kingston. Even babies have been “raped” a 8 yr old raped and killed. So well it is clear that there is no barriers for who you murder or abuse. baby, baby mother, pickney, anybody can dead wicked in Jamaica. This place is strange. Not just small. very very weird and strange.

I thought about the three men for a while. Raping a pregnant woman. Then i wondered if we would protest. Would the church get angry at the devil and march nationwide for days like what some members did in the name of freedom of speech for Professor Bain? i was sure they wouldn’t. i was sure it would just be another day in paradise in this strange place.

She was raped on Saturday. The news came on Sunday. I watched my facebook page all day looking to see if anybody had come across the story and waiting for a bigger headline and a conversation to start. none did.

I saw another article in the Jamaica observer which was the beginning of the strange thing that happened. I cannot find the article again but i did cut a section out and make a facebook post.

The pregnant woman who was reportedly gang-raped inside her Spanish Town, St Catherine home this morning has charged that the police were slow to respond to her ordeal.However, the 21-year-old woman, who was nine-months pregnant, says doctors have assured her that her child has not been harmed.

It was a strange thing to read such a calm sentence. it was like reading “an 8yr old was raped and murdered today”.  An 8 yr old is a baby, how can you rape a baby?  How can a baby be okay inside a womb experiencing such violence, violation and trauma? Okay how ?

Then things got stranger, Jamaica Observer reported that the police were reporting that the woman was not raped.

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have knocked a media house for irresponsible reporting, insisting that a woman allegedly raped in Spanish Town on Saturday, June 7 was not pregnant at the time of the incident.

Early reports of the rape said that the 21-year-old rape victim was nine months pregnant at the time of the attack

But according to the cops the errant media house has ‘not only continued to circulate this fallacious information despite an official statement from the Police, but their own version of the story changes from day to day”.

On Saturday, June 7, they reported that the woman was nine months pregnant, but on Sunday, June 8, the woman was only eight months pregnant. All this was done without an apology for any error, the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said in a statement.

The Police are reiterating that the woman was transported by them to seek medical care, and that upon the conclusion of the examination they were informed by the medical doctor that there was no evidence of pregnancy.

“It is regrettable that an individual’s private medical history has now become public information by way of a news story which sacrificed accuracy for sensationalism,” the CCU said.

Today The Jamaica Gleaner is reporting that the woman says she was pregnant.

Arthur Hall, Senior News Editor

The woman who was raped in Johnson Pen, Spanish Town, St Catherine, last Saturday is insisting that she is pregnant despite claims from the police that this is not so.

Hours after the assault, the woman, whose name is being withheld, had told our news team that she was raped by hoodlums despite being eight months pregnant.

But on Sunday, the Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU), which no longer releases reports on some major crimes, declared that she was not pregnant.

“The police are, therefore, reiterating that the woman was transported by them to seek medical care, and that upon the conclusion of an examination, they were informed by the medical doctor that there is no evidence of pregnancy,” said the CCU in its release.

Maternity Booklet

Yesterday, the woman insisted that she is pregnant, as she displayed a maternity records booklet issued by a government health facility.

However, she indicated that she was not sure if the pregnancy had reached eight months as she previously indicated.

The distraught woman allowed our news team to photograph her protruding stomach as she adamantly declared that she is pregnant.

In the meantime, the CCU is yet to provide any information on the manhunt for the three men who attacked the woman.

Editor’s note: The Gleaner’s news centre provided the information on this story as it developed on Saturday with no support from the CCU, which initially pointed our reporter to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse and did not release any information on the incident until after 5 p.m. despite its indication that the attack took place at 3:25 a.m. The Gleaner remains committed to its Code of Practice to present accurate information to the public.

This is strange, and the only question that keeps coming to me is why are these things happening and how will we stop them. The rape, the savagery, the brutality, the stupid reporting, the insensitivity, the lack of activity, the injustice, the silence, the pretence that we are living. The Jamaica lie. Jamaica is a strange small place











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