Remember Walter Boyd?

Saturday night conversations while listening to ZANJ RADIO at the SO((U))L HQ we talk about Jamaica’s qualifying in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Walter Boyd comes up, where is he? we do some searching this comes up very interesting analysis that i am sure quite a few of us missed.

100 Years of Swansea City FC

There are players you remember because they were great and there are players you remember because they were rubbish. Then there are the players who we remember because they were different. Walter Boyd was one of those.

He joined Swansea in 1999 in something of a blaze of publicity. There were claims we had signed a player way above our basement-division station and that he was cult hero in his native Jamaica. More verifiable was the fact he’d made three substitute appearances in the 1998 World Cup and his 30 odd international goals (although the papers didn’t agree quite how many he’d scored).

He was given the number 35 shirt because this was the number of goals he was aiming to score, a figure that would equal the club record held by Cyril Pearce, a player better known to most of us for giving his name to our then new…

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1 thought on “Remember Walter Boyd?”

  1. Yes, where is he now I wonder? Will have to ask a sports journalist. I remember him well. Our son was getting into sports then and he loved him, even bought a little clay figurine of him which we still have in his room. 🙂

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