The right of “Sodomites” or Does the JFF or FIFA have fines and sanctions for homophobic abuse?

Somethings usually stay on my mind for a long time. Today is Friday and Wednesday evening is still on my mind. For 90 mins straight our attention was being called to the Sodomites on the football field.

“Sodomites lesbian gal”! “Ref”! “tek off di man ofa di field”! “Watch deh watch deh watch da man deh a nuh woman dem deh.!” “A woman dat?” “dem gal deh suck pussy!”

For 90 minutes straight at the JFF Sherwin Williams Women’s Premier League Match between Boys Town(Wild Cats) and Real Morant (St.Thomas) no one was to take their mind off the Sodomites on the field.

At first it started with a small group of men. Those men got louder and louder . Women were shouting at the Sodomites too.

Number 14 had to bear the most pressure because she was on the right of the field closest to the people watching. Since there were no stands the were right on the line. Number 14 danced for them, she wined for them, she played with them, she laughed with them. All of this while the game was going on. They shouted and laughed and she responded. When she scored a goal she ran over to the side and pointed at them saying “dah one deh a fi u “.

One man who was standing near to us tried to reason with a youth who had come late into the match but as soon as he started looking he shouted “a sodomite dem deh. look pon numba 11 a wah dat”? The man was calm and patient with yje youth asking him why he was saying that and encouraging him not to say that because he didn’t know her. The youth held to his point. She must be a lesbian. The older man finally silenced the youth when he declared that his daughter played football too.

When the group of men just started shouting and laughing we were near to them and we asked why they were saying those things. They responded simply; it was obvious that was a man. look at the calves, there are no breast, that is not the shape of a woman. The conclusion was that 11, 12 and 14 were Sodomites.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

After the match we talked to a few of the girls. We asked them about their game. We asked them about school, preparation, previous experience playing football. We asked number 14 how the taunting affects her game.

She said. “A you haffi know. You caan watch that. That will get you out. Me used to it. So mi know how fi deal wid dem.”

Who convinced Sherwin Williams to sponsor the league and why did they?

I went to many matches in the Premier League for men last season. There was always a senior match official who it seems would help with controversial decisions during the match as well make sure the game was not disrupted. On two occassions i saw him cautioning the coaches and warning them because they were coming too close to the field. He also warned one coach for not disposing of the garbage properly. He also had on a FIFA bib.

Black Male Football Players are treated like Sodomites in Europe. We call the problem Racism.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has reiterated the need for tougher sanctions to be used to combat racism, arguing that fines are not an effective deterrent.

Speaking at the FA’s 150th anniversary gala dinner, he said: “We need to eliminate teams from a competition or deduct points. Only by such decisions is it possible to go against racism and discrimination. If we don’t do that it will go on and go on. We have to stop it; we need the courage to do it.”

The issue has been reignited in recent days after UEFA opened an investigation into complaints by Manchester City’s Yaya Toure that he was racially abused  by CSKA Moscow fans. Jeffrey Webb, chairman of the FIFA Task Force Against Racism and Discrimination, has said he intends to meet Toure to discuss the incident.

President Blatter continued: “It has been decided by the Fifa congress that it is a nonsense for racism to be dealt with with fines. You can always find money from somebody to pay them. It is a nonsense to have matches played without spectators because it is against the spirit of football and against the visiting team. It is all nonsense.

“We can do something better to fight racism and discrimination. This is one of the villains we have today in our game. But it is only with harsh sanctions that racism and discrimination can be washed out of football.”

We can imagine what it means for a black man to have bananas thrown at him? Or being called names. We have sympathy we empathize we create fines, sanctions laws, rules, a system to indicate there is some recourse when you experience this. But a woman, a girl a Sodomite in Football?

What right does a sodomite a non-sodomite, a look like a sodomite have to play football in Jamaica?

What right does a sodomite who is not trying to sodomise you or even engage you in conversation have?

If you read reports of a women’s match. This is what it will say.

Waterhouse FC took advantage of the absence of defending champions Barbican FC to move to the top of Group A in the Sherwin Williams Women’s League on Wednesday when they carved out a narrow 1-0 win over Rangers FC at the St. Mary Sports Complex.

The win takes them to 6 points from two games, the same as Arnett Gardens who eased past Olympic Gardens 3-0 in another Group A game. Former champions Portmore Strikers inflicted a 1-0 defeat on Trelawny Women’s FC, their second such loss of the season at the Racing Oval.

Waterhouse travelled to St. Mary with the hopes of leapfrogging the champions, but found the going rough against a Rangers team that endured a baptism of fire just four days before in their first ever game in the competition. It took a Shanell Spence strike two minutes before the half time break to separate the teams and eventually earn the visitors all three points.

Over at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex, the home team continued to show that they mean business this season when they produced an almost effortless display to get by Olympic Gardens. Asheina Nelson scored in the 1st minute of play to rock the visitors who never recovered and succumbed to two other goals from Peta Gay Smith in the 9th and Shantel Bailey in the 15th minutes. The first half blitz was enough to knock the stuffing out of Olympic Gardens who were playing first game of the season, having “rested” on the opening day.

Portmore Strikers found the comforts of home much to their liking after being hammered 5-0 on the opening day. The new look team that missed last season, owed their three points to Shaunte Gordon who got the lone goal of the contest five minutes from time.

Waterhouse now leads the group on goal difference ahead of Arnett Gardens having scored 6 goals compared to the “Junglists” 4. Neither team has conceded a goal so far in the competition.


Six times defending champions Barbican FC sent a loud warning to the rest of the teams in the Sherwin Williams Women’s Football league, that they were serious about defending their title, when they hammered newcomers Rangers FC of St. Mary 10-0 at the St. Mary Sports Complex as the 2014 season got underway on Saturday.

The champions has a comfortable stroll as former Portmore Strikers captain Rochelle Bryan opened the scoring before another former “Strikers” player Tashana Vincent hit the back of the net on two occasions in the first half to put them 3-0 up in quick time. Vincent finished with four goals while Shanique Dennis was not to be out-done, hitting a hat-trick in the season opener. Tashika Smalls bagged a brace to complete the scorers for the black and gold clad unit.

Waterhouse FC whipped the returning Portmore Strikers 5-0 at the Duhaney Park playfield in an unexpected one-sided encounter. Waterhouse had five different scorers as they ran riot over the former champions. Portmore missed the competition last season but much more was expected of the former champions.

In the other game in the round Arnett Gardens clipped Trelawny Women’s 1-0 at the Elleston Wakeland Centre to secure three massive points in their first match of the season. Group A is expected to be keenly contested with at least five of the teams in the zone seen as genuine contenders for a place in the semi-finals.

It will never say:

The visiting team was forced to play for a full 90 minutes despite vicious homophobic attacks from spectators on the sidelines…

The way reports of racism read;

(CNN) — A leading Italian soccer coach has called for stronger action against racism after a top-level match between AC Milan and Roma was suspended Sunday due to abusive chants by supporters.

Milan striker Mario Balotelli was targeted by visiting fans throughout the match, and referee Gianluca Rocchi called the game to a halt in the second half to warn the crowd via the public address system.

After several minutes’ delay, the match continued and ended in a 0-0 draw.

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri later said the official’s decision was not strong enough.

“In my opinion, there’s only one solution to racism in stadium and that’s suspend the match,” Allegri said on Milan’s website.

“To get rid of this stuff in our stadiums, you have to make big decisions. It could penalize some people but in the long run it would help us to grow as a nation and become more civilized.”



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