I am jealous about Men’s Football in Jamaica

I am jealous about men’s football in Jamaica. Jealousy is what i felt last week Saturday after I left the Women’s Premier League match between Arentte Gardens and Portmore Strikers at the Tony Spaulding Complex.

Jealousy is what I felt after leaving the match between Boys Town and St.James Academy.

Last Saturday was the finals of the Lime Supercup, a schoolboy football competition. The excitement was high, two good schools in the final. A match to watch. Exciting football to look forward to.

I felt jealous last Saturday because i wanted this for women’s football in Jamaica. I wanted the excitement the pre-game predictions, the stories, the features, the coverage, to be about us. About women’s teams and coaches. I felt the jealousy strong strong strong.

The Women’s Premier League matches are hosted on Saturdays. You have to go directly to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) website to find out what matches are being played. If there is a cancelation you wont know until you get to the venue.

I got to the first match after the 1st half. I was shocked. The Arnette Garderns goal keeper was lying down in the goal. She was lying flat on her back, comfortably in the goal. I will always remember that scene. Aparrently Arenette was dominating the match and keeping the ball in the opponents half. There were lots of misses,  Lots of attempts at goal. Lots of shouting from the side line between players and coaches or their assistants. It looked like a very disorganized and unprofessional event. Something no man or high school boy would be participating in.

I decided to leave. Nothing was happening or changing and the goal keeper was still lying down in the goal. The score was 7-0 and “muma” had been substituted after scoring a hat-trick.

Less than 5 minutes down the road Boys Town had a match. Perhaps at least we could watch something here. Wrong. Seconds before we arrived there was a fight on the field. Everybody was talkig about it. Everybody was waiting to see if the match would resume. It didn’t. It was  called off. I watched the visiting team St.James Academy leave. I left after them,disappointed and jealous.


1 thought on “I am jealous about Men’s Football in Jamaica”

  1. Oh dear! How upsetting. We need a leader – an energetic man or woman – to take things over and get the women’s football program in shape…and off the ground. Also, sponsorship is needed…

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