Googling, Posting and sharing as Art practice

I found myself thinking about what i was doing. Why was i googling vagina and posting it to my facebook page? What would positing this to facebook say about my interest in vaginas and what was the point.

I am always googling, posting and sharing. Googling, posting and sharing. I start with a question or an idea and i google it and see what i can learn. I see what comes up. I  enjoy this. i share it because i want other people to see it. I want to hear what they think. I want to talk to them about it. I want to make them see other things. Well i wonder if they have seen some of these things.

Sunday night i was googling penis and vagina and posting to facebook what i found. The vagina was on my mind from an earlier scandalous JAMAICA OBSERVER article  on a vagina tightening business in Montego Bay. On every level i found the story upsetting.  I found the details upsetting.

“This journalist was left in awe when he was shown photos of a vagina, which the doctor said were taken before and after the surgery.

“You see how it looks nice now? Do you see how it is immaculate and pretty? Can you imagine then, how it feels?” the obviously satisfied Dr Spencer asked, referring to a photograph that he said was taken after the procedure, as he and this journalist looked closely at the images on his smartphone.

He told the Sunday Observer that women who undertake the procedure are usually able to resume sexual intercourse between four and six weeks.

But sex therapist Dr Sidney McGill said that he would only recommend the procedure to women whose vaginas have lost most of the elasticity.”

I googled vagina and i googled penis and i posted the vagina things i found.

vagina screen


vagina screen1



Googling posting and sharing as art practice

I realized how the act of googling posting and sharing was a part of my “artist work”. Facebook had become a canvas, a space, a gallery. I found that by posting and sharing, i was involved in the creation of art. I was creating an exhibition, putting things on display for comments and discussion. I began to feel that this was similar to the establish practice of exhibiting ones work in approved physical spaces or walls called galleries.

A facebook profile as an artist was useful not to promote more of my work. but to provoke more questions about issues that came up in everyday conversation or in the news, that were relevant to issues i tackled in my work. It is a way to address a topic or to register interest in a topic publicly. It can be particularly important for artists who relate there work to community or social issues. Artist who consider themselves activist for example.

There are more questions to ask. For example how do other artist use there facebook? What are they sharing? Why? What about the other social media platforms like twitter or instagram or pinterest? Is there an emerging area of artist practice?


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