i am an artist



i am an artist. art is creative. the ability to see re-order and recreate. imagine. i imagine my world. A world. with things in it. so i make art with the things i imagine. Music was my first art. then sound. now spaces. i create moods and thought with music or maybe i feel music and think a lot with songs. my memories are encoded in sound or song. sound is a language. i create spaces.important ritual spaces. places. making space is an art. because you have to imagine and make and keep making. people embody space i work with them too in creating they are co-creators. music inspires the spaces. what happens when art is ahead of its time? what time do you make spaces using art? when does art make spaces? why is art and space important? many reasons. depending on how you see the world though. I mean it is kinda of philosophical but kinda practical at the same time. nothing is wrong with philosophy. is just that we don’t see our philosophies. i mean black people or african people don’t talk much about philosophy. but the experience of space as art is a art to experience.






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