“Killing makes it sound like we are going in there and butchering the animals. That is not true. the problem with activism in Jamaica

Managing Director of the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) Pamela Lawson today denied claims that the company has been killing animals because of the pending eviction issued by the Government.

When contacted by OBSERVER ONLINE via telephone, Lawson said that to describe what is being done at the facility as “killing” suggests an inhumane action.

“Killing makes it sound like we are going in there and butchering the animals. That is not true,” Lawson said. She added, “We euthanise a lot of animals. We humanely put them down.”

Lawson explained that this is an action that has always been done by the company and not because of the Government’s desire for the facility to be relocated.

“Jamaica has a huge stray animal problem and we’ve always had a huge stray animal problem,” Lawson said.

She insisted that Jamaicans are to be held accountable for this.

“Unfortunately, as our communities grow, more waste is created and the animals flourish…. So the numbers have increased tenfold,” Lawson lamented.

She explained that the treatment meted out to the increased number of strays is horrible and on a daily basis they have to be taking in 50 -70 animals, while the capacity is only able to facilitate 100.

“We have not put down animals because of the eviction, it is just something we have to been doing for years, and it is growing more and more each day,” she insisted.

It is because of the animal and intake and not the eviction.

Lawson also said that the Government has been gracious in giving JSPCA a lot of notices and that she appreciates it. The problem she informed, however, is finding a suitable location for the facility.

“My problem is not that I can’t find property but I cannot find suitable property where I will not infringe on others,” Lawson expressed.

She further stated: “JSPCA is not a regular animal hospital, it is a shelter. For me to find a suitable location that I can afford is what has proven difficult.”

The JSPCA was initially given notice to vacate their Winchester Road Location in 2013, when the Government had put the property up for sale.

Moya Hinds



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