Soldier 1

Are the people who watch Law and Order in Jamaica watching the Tivoli Enquiry in Jamaica ?


3 thoughts on “Soldier 1”

  1. Not really. Many are in shock that the legal representatives of police and soldiers are still of the view that the more than 200 extra judicial killings are of individuals who were directly involved in protecting a man that was not anywhere near the community that endured the onslaught. Others are accustomed to theses inquiries that have a history of ridiculous results. Blessed Love.

    1. It is a strange thing. There are so many inconsistencies…. and the people have already suffered. Why can’t they get a honest inquiry??

      1. Strange indeed. In the context of the way they are handled in Jamaica, an ‘honest inquiry’ is an oxymoron. Yes the people have suffered and, inquiry or not, they continue to survive.

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