“The axe forgets but the tree remembers”

Write baby 18 times and see how u feel write 18 babies and see how u feel write dead and see how u feel. Which babies died? How u feel? The children won’t forgive us for no protecting them. Tell everyone


killing babies in jamaica


In the Afrikan yogic sense karma is governed by what one does in the past, now (present) and future meaning Karma works in 3 principles or is based around 3 clocks or existences. These 3 clocks overlap in space, time, thought, words, deeds and emotions. Know that you where in existence before you were born into earths 3rd dimension. I can give you a brief example of this. You have what is called a birthday or a time when you arrived on earth which is noted by astrologers, however in the Tamarean African context you existed at conception and inception therefore you have conception time and inception time known as a zero time reference. You also existed as an ancestor therefore you are your ancestors and more as you are genetically made up of them and that DNA is at least 4 generations strong. The DNA is a vast library that carries information including experiences as well as physical likeness etc. It is the Akashic of the human body a reservoir of genetic memory.

Everything we do is sowing and all our experience are harvests Ancient Afrikan Proverb

The Metu Neter ancient Egyptian word Ari- action also means karma and is represented by Meskhenet denoted as a deity in most of your books remember this concept of deity is a misrepresentation as in the African context deities are principles, archetypes and faculties of the human being. Remember you are not what you think you are, not what your education, society or religion said you are. You are more.

Meskhenet story is that she presides over you at your birth and is the life path the lessons and challenges you will face in order to regain mastery over self and eradicate all negative karma. Meskhenet is accompanied by 2 other principles that are entwined within her. Therefore 3 beings in one a Trinity Meskhenet, Shai & Renentet

Shai representing destiny and fortune known in the modern sense (but highly superficial) Shai is seen as Lady Luck’ and is integral to wisdom as the female aspect of Tehuti and Renentet which signifies the ability to capitalise on ones fortune. This is key as with awareness one is able to convert a negative situation or even thought into something positive. If one lacks the ability to do this or do not hold the negative with a sense of awareness then the opportunity is lost which results in negative karma. This is what is meant in the East or Indian yogic schools of thought, that the suffering we see in the world today is a result of unawareness or negative karma.

The Afrikan Meskhenet trinity sits on the foundational square of Maat (Righteousness Truth etc) and is simply known as Meskhenet the life path, on this life path your karma is created, unfolds and folds. The ultimate lesson is to move beyond karma to a state of higher consciousness which can only be gained by awareness. Aligning yourself with Maat insures inner peace, social harmony and contentment. Many seek happiness, however mistaking happiness for gaining luxury, material things and fame is a grave mistake. Seeking happiness with negative karma is like the proverbial camel entering the eye of the needle. The focus then is contentment. Contentment is simply acceptance of what is without struggle. Try accepting your present situation for a few minutes and see the results.

Therefore knowledge of Meskhenet life path in tandem with Maat can lead to wisdom and the ability to utilise this wisdom in turning ones actions, thought words and emotions to a positive out-look guiding ones Karma towards spiritual evolution.

This allows one to move beyond Karma and therefore beyond the experience of heaven and hell. Karma is seen as good or bad, and often viewed inescapable yet if we live a balanced life (Maat) that will develop equanimity which we carry into the after-life releasing the bondage of Karma on all levels and clearing ancestral negative actions and thoughts. Karma comes into effect when actions thoughts and emotions are primarily imbalanced and out of sync with Maat.

Maat is pivotal to the dissipation of Karma to achieve pure balance


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