Eliminate the International day for the elimination of violence against women

…..we have “real” work to do everyday to protect women.

  1. is there an urgency for our idea of activism to evolve since our life depends on it ? #16daysofcactivism #socialleadership
  2. Should we start building houses with extra rooms for women and children who need safe places or should we always rent an extra room because the world is not really getting kinder to women so they always need a safe space? #socialleadership # responsibility #community
  3. Should we collect US$ 1 from every t-shirt and poster that says “end violence against women” to start a local or regional fund that can help women offset the cost of hospital bills, medication alternative housing or legal fees which arise from violence done to them? #socialleadership #community
  4. Are we trying to be better to each other as women? working together across everything that is suppose to divide us? #love
  5. Where are the real alternatives? #thefuture

Google these incidents below and add them to the understanding of how urgent and deep our pain runs .  There is an urgent need for another reality for humanity. 

  • Beheading of woman and her daughter in St.Catherine


  • Bounty Killa beating a woman with a hammer in her head


  • Gaza Kim beaten on the GAZA


  • Kayan Lammont a pregnant woman shot dead in St Thomas


  • Vanessa Kirkland murdered by Police


  • Diane Gordon murdered by Police in Cassava Piece


  • 4 women and a baby raped and St.James


  • 19 Babies killed by the state


  • Selanna Edmonds sexaully assualted and murdered


  • Tivoli incursion


  • AJ Nicholson rape Joke in parliment


  • Girls kidnapped in Nigeria by boko haram




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