What will we be in 2016?

I am cold. Freezing in the Library. The National Library of Trinidad, Port of Spain. They write NALIS everywhere. The Jamaican security guard joked that she wasn’t beef or chicken so she had to go outside the building because it was a “cold storage. I left my sweater today. I keep forgetting hold cold it is in the library. I am here with Vbyz Kartel off-course going through my favourite tunes on youtube while i read and post thoughts to facebook and watch who likes them.  I have a stack of books in front of me. Books i wish i could just sit here and read all day. But i am cold. i am leaving now, cause i left my sweater and my phone. I’ll come back tomorrow. I am happy i found these books in the art section. Books on Steelbands, Reggae and Gil-Scott Heron. So much to read and think about. Have you thought about 2016? 2017? 2018? what will we be? kinder or crazier? richer or poorer? friends or lovers? what will we find in 2016? I think i should try to be a writer again. Yes again. Major periods in my life have been marked by a desire to write. Imagine myself as a writer. after all i made myself an artist cause i made things. I said i make spaces that is this the kind of artist i am . doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of that kind of art. I am an artist and i have artist friends. So why not a writer in 2016. Make a living as a writer? i barely managed to make a living in 2015 but maybe i’ll do better in 2016. What do writers do in Port of Spain or Trinidad? …..I should go now it is really getting cold….one more thing though,  how can you be a writer if you don’t love words, can’t spell well and don’t have an eye for detail?….okay i am really living now lata.


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