Is the title the main idea or just something to catch you?

What was i thinking when i wrote that piece yesterday.  I mean if i write like this i’ll be expected to keep it up. Keep writing like i am talking directly to you and telling you truths like real things that happen to me in life. i know i already do some of that on facebook but was i really thinking i could start to expound on these experiences, like make you see the insides of my life by writing it. hmmm i don’t know if i am ready. well i could be ready but why would i do that? I don’t know what you would say. Yea maybe you would say you know that already i guess and you were thinking this too and maybe you’ll like that i just tell you the stories, but yesterday i just felt like writing that way, it was just a thing, i don’t know if i can really keep doing it. like it felt good to do it i could hear myself i wasn’t thinking about any mistakes or bad english but i don’t know about starting this seriously. Did you read what i wrote? or did you just like the picture. seems like people like it on facebook but facebook is weird could just be that picture of me with me face looking funny. hmmm i don’t know. I just don’t want too many things out there and then i can’t catch them back. ooops this is interesting i just caught myself erasing that sentence to write another one but that is the truth so why would i change it? This writing thing is serious. i mean i could just talk to myself. i don’t know if you’ll have time to hear me. I  mean like read the things i am thinking so maybe i should just talk to myself just to stay happy and to  imagine i am a writer. maybe i should make up a new name like a writing name. what name can i use ? i don’t know. Tell me something do you think about being famous like how you can just do something you like and be famous? Famous is when you get more that 20 likes for a post on facebook. Do you wonder if you’ll be famous? Sorry i just felt like to ask that. i already read this over about 5 times that is the sign that i should stop writing now. but should i put a funny picture of should i just leave it. i’ll leave the picture out. is not that i am testing you or anything i am just doing research on facebook.


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