sweet coffee on a coffee table mind skipping but my black art project is online

I put down the cup of coffee on the table in front of me.  Move the computer and sit to write this post. i write the sentence about putting down the coffee and notice that the table is a coffee table. it is low enough to rest coffee cups while you sit on a chair in front of it. i decide i cannot write coffee and coffee table in the same sentence so i write about the table instead.  The coffee is too sweet. i put too much sugar. i don’t want to get up again. So i’ll have to drink it.

i am not in the library today. yesterday was sooo cold and i had on a sweater. let me close my eyes and see if i can tell you more about where i am. it would be good writing practise. don’t bother i don’t really want to do that. it takes much concentration and creativity. i came here just to tell you what i have been doing why i haven’t been writing.

I have been … the phone keeps ringing. i have been working on something to show you. a new project for 2016. it’s not complete yet but i wanted to share the idea with you. i can show you again when it’s really done. i am hoping to move my thoughts over to the new project. although i am not sure after being here for two years i have gotten pretty attached to this space. but lets see.

i think this year i’ll have an interesting time discovering the internet and making things here. it’s kinda the motivation for the project. i wanted to move into virtual reality.

You ever notice how every time you think about the time before you can add some more details to it. Is like you have one picture and you see more details in the picture every time you look at it again. I just re read what i wrote and added more things to it. I extended time. i never like re reading things but i think my english might be getting better . you sit on a chair and not in it?  i changed that around. i don’t know if i want my english to get better but i want to describe things better. I really think the coffee is two sweet its hard to focus on what’s on my mind well my mind keeps skipping through thoughts. That is why i have 26 windows open in Google Chrome. the mind skipping. do you mind that i don’t capitalize the i at the beginning of all my sentences. i prefer to see when you write the i small. This morning i was thinking that…. i went to facebook and now i forget what i was saying. So my project website is blackart.simiyah.online


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