Give up on Love. the second part

I thought was giving up this blog.

I had started to work on another project. I was enjoying that project.  It was taking some time and i thought maybe my blogging was going to change, i was working on creating a new style and so i didn’t need this one anymore.

The truth is i haven’t been able to get this blog/space off my mind. The blackart space is really interesting but it doesn’t replace this and i haven’t been able to convince myself that i should just move on. I another blog before this that i loved Groove FM. I stopped writing there too just as began to evolve into a Dj and artist.

Blogs have been something which i should have in the beginning. I didn’t start them for any other reason than well people had blogs places where they went and shared there thoughts and sharing your thoughts is important because people will get to know you as someone how shares your thoughts. Groove FM was about music and exploring the art of music, this blog is about documenting the experience of the past, present and future using my birth date 1981 as my lens, blackart, gets into blogging as literature and exploring conversations and worlds in the digital space, dimensions. I never saw them as really connected until now, i never really saw them as related and i never thought it was important to keep them together so i left each one and moved on.

I grew with each one but each time i moved on i thought the previous blog was old and didn’t have anything more to give. This is really a weird concept of growing.

Since i think i am growing in numbers i want to say I think it has something to do with my age; the fact that i have come back here and i can see how everything before is connected and related . Isn’t creativity about discovery and connecting? Not in a linear way. Think make connections, make something from the connections, grow the something and make more connections.

i am learning to appreciate how things grow and how the time you spend growing something makes you always want to have it near. That is one of the connections you create.  you can’t discard it. Other things might come but i think i’ll keep the things i love close to me no matter how simple they may seem.

This is just a blog but i like coming here to think and write and post pictures and music and whatever and in the end it is kinda just a like a cool space for me to be. This space has grown on me and grown me. I spent last year figuring out what i should write and how i want to write something online and that evolved most here. So I am back. If you were following. I am back. I am going to connect all my online spaces. I do different things in different places but i can’t leave the memories i made here behind. At least i don’t need to.

Two years ago i wrote Part 1 of this post. It was an article called Giving up on Love


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