Notes on presenting a Soundscape

The physical environment

Indoor environments are better because of how the sound travels in space.

The soundscape maybe tailored to the type of space it will be presented in. Specific audio playback device might be needed or arrange to give the full experience of the soundscape.

Information for the audience attending

Context is always important to help exploration. Giving the audience specific information about the soundscape maybe important to helping them listen to connect with and appreciate the work.

Before the soundscape starts

Before the soundscape starts take the audience through some kind of exercise which

Would prepare them to begin the journey through the soundscape. This might be a meditation exercise or breathing exercise.

While the soundscape is happening.

Minimise the different types of activity that is happening while the soundscape is playing. Activity creates a movement away from the soundscape to things in the immediate environment.

The length of the soundscape

The soundscape scape should not be more than15-30minutes. Experiment with shorter time periods depending on the purpose and the setting of the soundscape event audiences might need more focused attention for longer soundscapes. The soundscape can be intersperse with music dance or video

Notes by DJ Afifa (

Notes were taken at Nourishing Freedoms at the first Black feminist forum in Bahia Brazil.September 2016


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