The boy who cried goldfish and defenders of indiscretion in Jamaica

once upon a time; during Olympic fever season; there was a Jamaican man who was watching the Olympics and saw what looked like a goldfish. He went on twitter to see who else was talking about the Olympics perhaps someone had also seen the goldfish. Finally after scrolling for a while he saw someone he knew post a tweet?  the tweet was a question. He was excited to answer because he was sure his friend had seen the goldfish too.  With so much confidence he responded, simply typing goldfish.  The tweet made news. the man was fired. they said it was disrespectful to call what he saw at the Olympics a goldfish. It was even more disrespectful to do it on twitter from his company’s twitter account. it gave the impression that the company would call what they saw at the Olympics a goldfish too.

The company apologized and clarified their principled position on the matter. No need or time for an apology or an explanation from the man who cried goldfish.

So why is Ms.Heather Murray still principal of Hampton High School for Girls in Jamaica?

Why is Heather Murray still principal of Hampton High School for Girls in Jamaica?

because the board wants it.that is my answer.  The chairman of the board would go so far to help Principal Murray stay by describing her actions as a “moment of indiscretion”?  The same kind of indiscretion they ascribe to Rupert Clarke, the guilty pastor?

A moment of indiscretion?

he said we should forgive her for this moment of indiscretion.

does it make you wonder?

How these things all come together?

church, school st.elizabeth and manchester have a culture.

….these are not new things in Jamaica but the principal not resigning should be a indicator of danger in the present and in the future.

The man who cried goldfish want mi fi tell unuh seh this is why Jackass seh the World nuh level.








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