What were the ages of the males in the “ski mask gang?

The police are reporting that the six men who were in an alleged gun battle with members of the security forces in Goodwill, St James were members of the ‘Ski Mask’ gang operating in Montego Bay.

According to the police, they were fatally shot and four firearms along with several rounds of ammunition seized on the Goodwill main road in Adelphi, St James yesterday.

A policeman was also injured in the incident.

Reports are that about 9:00 pm, lawmen signaled the driver of a Toyota Corolla motor car to stop.

The driver complied and almost Immediately, several armed men then exited the vehicle firing at the team. The lawmen responded and when the shooting subsided, six men were seen with gunshot wounds and the firearms and ammunition seized.

Five of the dead men have been identified as:

Oswyn Jarret, otherwise called ‘Ski-Mask’;

• Deno Pryce, otherwise called ‘Buju’;

• Marlon Samuels, otherwise called ‘Brutus’;

• ‘Shenky’; and

• ‘Fargo’.



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