An Introduction to Nothing Matters a collection of haikus poems and other writings by DJ afifa

One of the poems in the nothing matters collection is called earthseed. A reflection  on growth life learning and change.

and then
you get to a place
maybe an age
you realize
that life is also living through change.

I am living through change. I have been brought into a more intimate relationship with life. What has changed my perspective the most is realising that everything is just matter.   When matter is given energy it creates or transforms. We are affecting matter everyday to create reality.

In a way nothing matters because everything is  matter. 

I have been writing down my thoughts for a while now and I have been wanting to put them together in a collection. I was finally able to do it.  I selected from my jottings over the last three years and named the collection after a poem I wrote called nothing matters. I wrote nothing matters when I found myself desperately trying to say something or get something done about the death of 19 babies at the neonatal clinic at the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Jamaica. The death of the babies was brought to public attention between September and October 2016. I followed the story until October 2017.  It felt like nothing mattered after the public defender’s  report absolved the government or the hospital from any responsibility in the deaths of the babies. Just another day in Jamaica, just the cycle of matter existing.

Writing nothing matters helped me to put life in context.

I am happy to share this collection.  I have learnt so much from the process of creating it, editing it and then sharing it.  bless and love

Nothing Matters DJ Afifa AzaOrder your copy here.

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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Nothing Matters a collection of haikus poems and other writings by DJ afifa”

  1. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    It is quite a while since I had coffee and a chat with Afifa and wrote about our conversation. Since then, she has been exploring what you might call the “mood” of Jamaica and living on this oddly unpredictable and sometimes unfathomable island… “Nothing matters” is a feeling that occasionally overwhelms me, living in Jamaica. It’s very difficult to express that feeling. In fact, matter is the very essence of our being and of the Universe. So that, in fact, everything matters! Thank you Afifa, for asking important questions. And please do buy her book…

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