in jamaica they beg you not to sell your vote 

have you noticed the appearance of a government in jamaica

ministers making announcements and pronoucements

taking up space

news of their personal achievements

while some people see  suffering unrelent

it name impoverishment

british empire american diziya


“black man time”


“prosperity “

is the mantra

jamaica have a cancer





we haffi old di orda

andrew pretend to be a better father to jamaica than sistah p the mother

him only use di obama formula

juliet a fi him michelle obama

rewind to the queen and di british empire

andrew votes well in order

fi a career politician the jamaican pysche easy fi decipher

the appearance of government is

the meet ups at gordon house

the psalms to David politicians love to sing praises

Presentations with critical details left out

details like when where why and what were the outcomes?

the parlliment for many a familiar and comfortable setting

contributions underwhelming

the budget debate is a formality we anticipate

Can’t wait for the how much tax debate

read the estimates of revenue and expenditure

figures mean something deeper   

the tax roll back shout out then walk out was a flop

how come the budget presentation

have no mention of the cornwal regional hospital

and the health care disaster from years of detoriating infrastructure in western jamaica

#jamaicamoves is not the answer but ministers can score easy points on social media

political administration

children of the plantocracy, sryian merchants , free descendants of enslaved africans those aspiring for nation

independence no federation

what will be some of bruce goldings caricom recommendations

have you seen a western democartic state without an opposition

well jamaica has none

political parties full of  ego filled ambitions

the default owners of the resources of the nations

honorable ministers    

like romans playing julius cesear

spoils of war dem live fah

dem fight fi be party leader

feelings  still linger

fighting and contradicting each other

andrew can never recover from the NHT “steal”

no matter how much him love Team Jamaica

Audley had to be finance minister as JLP deputy leader even though him really did waan be prime minister

montegue had to be  security minister

security get more money

crime a get worser

Karl Samuda and Tufton nah work together

rotten meat bully beef and plastic rice food insecurity a get stronger

Micheal Lee Chin and Andrew mek the super prime minister

trips to israel to bare fruit in your childrens future

read what netinyaho said about jamaica

conflict of interest

board chairman aligned with the super prime minister

could things get more corrupter  in jamaica

when andrew read the corruption index him seh him distress

jamaica rank a get lower

national integrity action a seek members

should there be a age limit for a minister?

you get the age old answer age doesnt matter

still we have to deal with politcians who will never retire

every five years they seek more votes blame the lack of resource and promise to do better

in jamaica they beg you not to sell your vote 


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