The sound of my mother’s voice


Moonlight. Dj afifa. Selfie series. August 21, 2017

In the August 12 episode of the electromagnetic radiation on Zanj Radio i feature for the first time the sound of my mother’s voice as a sound byte in my performance.

I only discovered two years ago that my relationship to music was influenced by the sound of my mother’s voice. She used to sing to me when i was in her womb. She continued singing when i was born but while she was cooking or in the shower. Even though she sang less as i grew up i remembered the melody of her voice. The songs i enjoy listening to have the same melody and harmony as her voice.

The sound of her voice helps me to think about memory, we can know through sound. Sound is a vibration which translates feeling and meaning. In my mother’s womb i  knew her through the sound of her voice.

About dj afifa

I am a selecta. I make sound projects and i make spaces inspired by music.

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