About Afifa

afifa aza1

I grew up in Spanish Town, St.Catherine, Jamaica. I attended St.Jago High School and later went to the University of the West Indies to complete a B.Sc in International Relations, a M.Sc in Governance and PhD in Sustainable Development. I have always admired the critical view my father took towards everyday things and everyday conversation, he was very critical and wise even with his primary school education. I was significantly impacted by the creativity of my mother who was a teacher and her love for books and learning.

I live as an artist and a creative grounded in a Rastafarian/African spirituality.

Music is my art and I make spaces inspired by music. I am co-founder and creative director for SO((U))L, SO((U))L is a creative and artistic experiment in the development of community spaces that promote social justice, equality and self-reliance through the discovery and exploration of music, art, culture.  SO((U))L operates two spaces, the (SO((U))L HQ and Di Institute for Social Leadership.


twitter @djafifa

instagram: afifaaza



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