The apology

This Wednesday and Thursday at Di Institute for Social Leadership. 1-6:30pm. Lets start a reasoning about the recent apologies by the Prime Minister to the Rasatafari community and to the residents of Tivoli Gardens.


Nothing Matters Haikus poems and other Essays

i watch things fade. i watch the things that i feel matter fade. Disappear into the same air that created them. Matter.Nothing matters anymore especially when they are not new like murder and lies Categorically speaking suffering Human suffering like babies dying like random beheadings I watch things fade.....

Notes on presenting a Soundscape

The physical environment Indoor environments are better because of how the sound travels in space. The soundscape maybe tailored to the type of space it will be presented in. Specific audio playback device might be needed or arrange to give the full experience of the soundscape. Information for the audience attending Context is always important… Continue reading Notes on presenting a Soundscape

Give up on Love. the second part

I thought was giving up this blog. I had started to work on another project. I was enjoying that project.  It was taking some time and i thought maybe my blogging was going to change, i was working on creating a new style and so i didn't need this one anymore. The truth is… Continue reading Give up on Love. the second part