Why doesn’t anything matter anymore?

Nothing Matters is the latest creative project from DJ Afifa. It is a collection of  writings about the history and reality of life and survival through the eyes of an African woman living in Jamaica . Afifa Aza lives and works in Jamaica. She makes music, djs and creates spaces inspired by music. She is… Continue reading Why doesn’t anything matter anymore?


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Nothing Matters Haikus, Poems and other Writings by DJ Afifa Aza is rich with ideas, thoughts and perspectives of life in Jamaica that is written in thought provoking snippets. Afifa explores life, current events, and news articles throughout the text in a way that only DJ Afifa can - that is so direct and real… Continue reading Get your Copy Today!

What toys did Audre Lorde Play with?

Dr.Gloria Joseph (Audre Lorde’s partner before she passed) opened her presentation on the “Wind is Spirit: The Life, Love and Legacy of Audre Lorde” to a group of women at the 4th Annual Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference in St.Croix, by noting that Audre Lorde told her was that one of the things she… Continue reading What toys did Audre Lorde Play with?