Dead babies and the women with the dirty vaginas

Letter to the editor of the Jamaica Gleaner 10/10/2016 in response to the reported death of 7 new born babies at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital due to a bacteria called sepsis
Dear editor;
I want to have a baby one day. I am self employed now so more than likely i will have to deliver my baby at the Victoria Jubliee Hospital in Kingston. One of the things that any mother fears is carrying a baby to full-term and not getting a chance to see their baby grow up. I know the name i want my baby to have already. Birth is the most exciting moments for parents.

Yesterday i read in the gleaner that 7 newborn babies died at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital from bacteria infection called sepsis. I read that the Chief Medical officer said that sepsis was not an institution related bacteria but a deadly bacteria found in the vaginal tract of the pregnant women.
The fear that gripped me lead me to searching for information about sepsis online. I wanted to find out what cause sepsis because i didn’t want this to happen to me and i couldn’t understand how it had happened to these women. after reading the explanations online i think we have a responsibility and a duty especially on behalf of the mothers who lost their babies and those like me who wish to have a baby to ask the Victoria Jubliee hospital to give us all the details about how the babies died and what now is the health of the mothers.
Last night i wrote down these 8 questions that would help me understand what really happened to these babies and their mothers.
  1. What are the names and ages of the mothers?
  2. How many children did they have before?
  3. What are their children’s ages?
  4. What dates and times did they give birth?
  5. Were they diagnosed or being treated for any complications or health issues before delivery?
  6. What is their health status now?
  7. Who was the Doctor/Midwife that was present on duty that delivered the babies?
  8. How many of these cases have been reported in Jamaica this year?



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