What is the Electro magnetic radiation?

Every Friday night i host the Electro magnetic radiation on Zanj Radio. For two hours i experiment and explore djing and sound art.

I play mp3 music on my computer. Sometimes i use Winamp or Virtual dj to present my sets depending on what i feel like exploring for the 2 hours.

Electro magnetic radiation is about communicating through the arrangement and presentation of music and sound.

Here are three examples of the Electro magnetic radiation.  The mix on July 15 was done using 4 decks on virtual dj. The week before i had been thinking about dj mixing styles versus music genres played. Djs are distinguished by the genres of music they play,  the way they select the songs, or how they present a selection of songs.  I started to write down a little history of how my mixes have evolved and i tried to describe my playing style. I realized that i liked “mashing up” music and creating live remixes of a song adding new sounds or new baselines or complementing a song with loops from a song in a completely different genre.  Whenever i use virtual dj to play that element is always present even if  i am doing other things.

In the June 30 mix i started by introducing  some ideas and feelings of Jamaica and living in Kingston but as the mix continues you can hear mashups and a different conversation.

The November mix called ritual base is an example of a set presented in Winamp.

You can listen to more of the Electro Magnetic Radiation on  Zanj Radio Fridays



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