What do you think about Crocus Bag a Tings after a year?

Crocus Bag a tings. A discussion programme I host on Zanj Radio was one year old yesterday.  I found out quite by accident. How do I feel? What a thing! Is a great thing. I have been working on something for a year now and I like what it is.

It was Zanj who said I should have a talk programme when I came back from Trinidad in May 2016. SK gave me the idea for the theme song General Degree “Crocus Bag a tings”


General Degree-Bag a Ting – YouTube [2:38] ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eCgidkkfOXs )

What is Crocus Bag a tings? 

“Is a programme where we discuss things and the things that make up things and make a crocus bag a tings.” That is how I have explained the show. Sometimes we have a guest, sometimes we have a co-host. The programme started out with me talking about what was on my mind usually what was current in local news. I got tired of feeling angry about the deteriorating reality. Sometimes I would share reflections on things that were affecting me personally or things I was learning about myself. I got quieter and wanted to just sit with more of my feelings or share them with less people.  I think I am approaching alignment. It is shaping up to be an interesting programme.

You should download the Zanj Radio app from the Android Store,  Blackberry World,  or Apple Store and listen one Sunday.

Here is a link to the last programme


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