Plastic Rice from China: The causes and effects of Trade and Food injustice in Jamaica

Today dem announce wid immediate effect no more rice caan come thru no port innah jamaica

a temporary measure fi prevent plastic rice from tek ova

ogun. oshun. obatala. how much little yute already get plastic rice fi dinner?

marcus garvey words come to pass

dis require much more than prayah

the imf a run di country and money from china

in the name of prosperity we still a suffah


…no word from the chinese ambassador to jamaica

bout the plastic rice from china

no word from the standards bureau bout the wholesale dem innah jamaica weh full a food from china…..

no sound from the health minista bout the numba dead from plastic rice digestive failure

no state of emergency?  even though we a suffah round yah

chines trade and investment wid jamaica a lead to deadly stomach cancer…..






About afifa

dj. artist. creative director and co-founder of the SO((U))L HQ and DI Institute for Social Leadership. I make ritual spaces.

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