A new “crime” vocabulary for the Caribbean 2017-2025

homicide– when one human being causes the death of another human being

homicide tools– material or object used to commit the homicide

homicide motive– reason committing the homicide

femicide– the murder of a woman. the killing of women.

femicide-suicide – kills the woman then kills themself

intimate femicide– murder of a woman committed by a current or former partner

cultural femicide– murders of women in the name of “honour” or according to religious or traditional cultural customs.

non-intimate femicide- murder of women by someone who is not her partner or known to her

sexual femicide- sexual abuse and or torture to death  of a women

femicide data– qualitative and quantitative data on the occurrence of femicide in an area, country or region.

femicide infanticide- the internal murder of a woman who is pregnant.

infanticide- the murder of children






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